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Wide-ranging client experience

In 2003, I sold my interest in the firm I had founded, and continued as a tax specialist (consultant)—also serving medium to large businesses and high net worth individuals.

For example, one of our clients had investments of more than $1 billion in foreign companies—e.g., investments that represented as much as 50% or more of these companies’ capital. We advised that client on each prospective investment. We also filed all required documents with the appropriate federal and state authorities.

When our client had business-related activities with these foreign companies, such as buying goods or services from them or selling to them, we reviewed every transaction to make sure that all of them complied with federal requirements.

Another principal focus of our work has been business structuring. We’ve helped large U.S. real estate construction and development firms, oil and gas drilling companies, and other businesses properly structure ventures to maximize tax benefits.

Among the businesses for which we have provided tax and accounting services:

  • A U.S. financial organization owning in excess of $4 billion of investments in foreign and domestic businesses
  • Companies involved in real estate development and construction of hundreds of commercial and residential properties, worth more than $10 billion. We helped structure each deal to maximize tax benefits. Our responsibilities also included negotiating and structuring joint ventures, working closely with company attorneys.
  • Oil and gas drilling ventures, including a public LLP involving more than 3,000 limited partners. We helped these ventures adopt tax-friendly structures, as well.
  • Several national retail businesses, that had stores in every state of the U.S.
  • Stockbrokers and day traders
  • Restaurants (both individual establishments and chains)
  • Manufacturing companies, including a business that produced private-label clothing for some of the nation’s largest retail chains.

Now helping individuals, businesses, estates, and professional advisors

Over the years, we've helped to establish small businesses and helped medium-sized companies grow. We’ve advised business owners and executives on how to organize and re-structure their businesses—including companies that had sought protection under the federal bankruptcy laws.

Today, I represent my clients should they be reviewed or audited by the IRS or any state or local taxing authority.

I enjoy bringing my years of experience and extensive knowledge of personal and business taxation—and business structuring—to individuals and business owners, as well as to accountants, attorneys, and financial planners.